COOKIES USE AND ACTIVITIES FILE. This website uses cookies When a user browse its webpages. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server in order to register user activities in the website and allow a smoother and more personalized browsing. User has the possibility to configure his browser in order to avoid cookies, to block them or, eventually, to delete them.

At the same time, webservers automatically dedect the IP and the name of the web used by the user. This information is registered in an activities file that allows the further processing of the data in order to obtain statistical measurements necessary to know the exact number of pages printed, views made to the web services…

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded in the device (pc/Smartphone/Tablet) by the user to Access some webpages in order to store and recover information about the browsing carried our in that device. 

Cookies used in this website: following the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos instructions we proced to detail the use of the cookies made by this webpage in order to inform you in the most accurate way.

This website strores to kind of cookie:

 Session cookies: They are temporary cookies that only exist until you close the browser you are using to Access the web.

 Long-term cookies: These cookies will be kept in your cookies file after you visit our website. These cookies help us to identify you when you come back to our website.

Cookies installed When you browse in this website are:

 wc_session_cookie_xxx. Session cookies. Parameter xxx is a combination of number and letters that register the session.

 PHPSESSID. Session cookies. It is installed as cookie of and also as cookie of third parties advertised in this platform. This cookie is used for the encrypted PHP language to allow that the SESSION variables will be saved in the webserver. This cookie is essential for the functioning of the webpage.  

 _utma, _utmb, _ubmc, _utmz. Long-term cookies. These cookies are established by  Google Analytics to track the webpage use. These cookies are not established when cookies for this webpage are disabled.  

 s3fs. Long-term cookies. They are established to collect Amazon S3 data, where it is stored the content shown in the website. These cookies are not established when cookies for this webpage are disabled. 

 kpg_stop_spammers_time. Session cookie. It is installed through the plugin “Stop Spammers” in order to avoid user registration and sending spam comments. This cookie is essentional for the functioning of the webpage.

 viewed_cookie_policy. Long-term Cookie. It is installed through the plugin “Cookie Law Info” once you accept Cookies policy. These cookies are not established if you disable cookies for this website.

Cookies established by third parties

This website uses the following own and third parties cookies. This webpage content is updated regularly and we might include content from other webpages such as:




 Google Maps





When you visit a webpage with a content included from some of these services you may be exposed to cookies from these webpages. The web, web-owners and web and software developers don’t control the distribution of these cookies. For more infos about these cookies please check these third parties websites.  

Google stores this information collected by the cookies in a proper way to avoid to identify any user. Not event any other information is associated with the IP. Furthermore, Google Inc is a Company adherent to the Safe Harbor Agreement. This agreement guarantees that the data transferred will be treated according to the protection levels required by the European Regulation. For more infos about Google Analytics we can click on the follwing link.


Yo can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your device changing the options on your Internet browser. In case cookies installation on your device is not permitted you might not Access to some of the services and your experience on our webpage might be less satisfactory. At the following links you have at your disposal all the info to configure or disable your cookies in any browser:

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At ANPA ARQUITECTONIA S.L we never keep our users personal data, except the IP according to what we have described before, and except if you want to register, voluntarely, in order to buy the products and the services that we put at your disposal and to receive infos about promotions and contents of your interest.   

Browsing and staying on our webpage you are accepting the use of the cookies before described, and the conditions included in this Cookies Policy.