«I was recommend Aitana Mendez Vilaplana at ARCH & LAW, Property Advisors during a property purchase in Barcelona in 2020. While this was a rather small transaction, it turned out to be anything but straightforward due to messy owner status.

However, Aitana’s expert knowledge of the law and impeccable attention to detail guided me through the process with great professionalism and care. A great attorney will not only know the law, but also care about the client’s need. As she did for me, Aitana will work relentlessly to make sure your needs are met.

Aitana ended up saving me thousands of euros and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking property advise in Spain.»


Eivind Holte

“ARCH & LAW people are extremely good at what they do. So professional, knowledgable & patient persons that make your moving into Barcelona a really easy process. We highly recommend them. If you need a complete 360º service of Property Finding, Legal Advisoring & Architecture Project don’t hesitate to get in touch with them”.


Claire & Simon


“Getting Aitana’s help in finding my apartment in Barcelona has been one of the best choices ever made. I would absolutely recommend her to all ones who intend to come to live in Barcelona. She is a Property Lawyer with a great passion on Real Estate & Interior Design what does she is the most suitable person to find the properties that fit your criteria. She knows deeply the market, the local agents and she can offer you a complete service if you decide to come to Spain by purchasing or renting an apartment.

As we couldn’t come to Barcelona she made all the viewings for us with great organisation and systematic in the search, and fed back to us with responsive emails very helpful. Her property law knowledge avoid us many problems and she also offered really useful advice and recommendations not just related to the apartment search, but generally in relation to moving to and living in Barcelona.”


Filippa & Nicholas


“Buying a property in Spain without a technical review can be a nightmare.
Thanks God we find ARCH & LAW and his co-founder Andreu Pareja, Architect, very responsive person as soon as we got in touch. He worked to our dates helping to check the house before the buying, identifying the technical problems and projecting exactly the home renovation we wanted. Thanks to his patient he perfectly understood our style of living so the final work was really what we need.»




«I have successfully worked with Arch & Law for my very first property acquisition in Spain. While I have had property purchasing experiences in other countries, every legal system is different and I can only recommend to use local professionals to navigate all the intricacies.

Covid made the whole process take longer and becoming rather complicated as I couldn’t travel to Spain myself, and I appreciated being able to rely on someone on the ground looking after everything.»


Michel Gillmann

«I am expatriate in Indonesia and I decided to buy my first real estate investment in Barcelona «on remote». I left everything in the hands of Aitana and it couldn’t have been better choice. She found the apartment, negotiated the price and general conditions, and basically took care of all the paperwork until the deal was closed in front of the Notary. Even in Indonesia where we live, she was in close contact with the Consulate to check the paperwork.

Regardless the country… It is not easy to find a lawyer, available 24/7, in control of the situation and who can take care of your business. This is Aitana and therefore, I would like to recommend her with confidence and trust.«


Juliette Aguilar, Indonesia

«II was fortunate to come in contact with Aitana Méndez Vilaplana when I was buying property in Barcelona and the help I received was very valuable to me as I was not aware of local laws and rules. The security I felt having Aitana going through the documents were of utmost importance for me when I signed the paperwork. ​»


Andreas Stockholm

«Aitana Méndez is a fantastic lawyer. She helped my partner and I find and secure our home in Barcelona, even sooner than we thought possible. She is deeply professional, proactive, understanding and supportive – always pursuing the best interest of her client, and excellent at speaking on the client’s behalf. We are truly grateful that we engaged Aitana’s services. It made our life much easier, and made the process of securing our home in Barcelona less daunting, comfortable in the knowledge that all legal aspects of the process were under total control. Aitana has an extensive and reliable network that makes property buying more efficient. We look forward to working with Aitana on more projects.»


Shervin Hejazi


“Raggiunta la pensione in età ancora non troppo avanzata ho deciso di comprare casa in Spagna (Denia-Alicante). Prima cosa fondamentale, dopo avere individuato l’immobile giusto, incaricare professionisti legali e immobiliari per verificare che tutto sia a posto e si possa procedere senza sorprese. In Arch&Law ho trovato il connubio perfetto: avvocati immobiliaristi! A conclusione dell’iter di acquisto devo dire che sono rimasto molto soddisfatto, oltre le attese, per professionalità, tempestività, proattività e anche simpatia! Aggiungo che sono molto esigente e molto difficilmente vengo soddisfatto pienamente: bene questo è uno dei rari casi. In conclusione suggerisco a chiunque voglia acquistare un immobile in Spagna di rivolgersi ad Arch&Law , dove oltre tutto si può parlare in spagnolo, inglese e italiano, e dispone di molte sedi dislocate sul territorio.”


Massimo Fenati


With experience in the real estate market I decided that the next property investment was going to be at my dream location in Barcelona, Spain. Here I came directly to the conclusion that I needed support from a local expert that knows the market in Barcelona and can assist you through the whole process from finding your dream property to signing the final deed.


Every market is different and so is Spain different from the Dutch real estate market. ARCH & LAW, Property Advisors got recommended through a business contact and it couldn’t be a better recommendation. The professionalism and expertise from Ms. Aitana Mendez is outstanding!


Having an expert on your side that supports you in the process is an absolute MUST when finding your dream home or property investment in the real estate market of Spain. From our side I only can Arch & Law and as we speak we are already looking to get our 2nd real estate deal in Barcelona realised before summer.


Maurits Huisman



After years of only dreaming, we decided in the middle of the pandemic to finally go for a cosy apartment downtown Barcelona. It was our first real estate project in Spain.


As Dutch residents we quickly understood that professional support was essential. ARCH & LAW, Property Advisors  has been recommended to us by a business contact and proved to be the right choice.


From moment one we felt comfortable with Aitana Méndez and experienced how she works effortless, in a very precise way. She guided us with patience on the complicated path of buying Spanish property. With her eye for detail, 24/7 mentality, unbeatable knowledge and charming approach, we can only say it’s a missed opportunity if you won’t contact Aitana Méndez, when you decide to realize your Spanish real estate dream.


Jakob & Rocio



If you have specific questions about moving to Barcelona or need more information about our Property Finder and Home Renovation services, please contact us and will get back to you as soon as possible. For further information or for a quote, please get in touch with archandlaw@archandlaw.com. We will be delighted to help you.


Why Use A Property Finder and a Legal and Technical Advice?

Hiring a Property Finder will be one of the best choices you can make when you decide to start your property buying process. Will save you time, money and all the stress related to the purchase problems. We are experts on property hunting for international clients.


How do we work?

Once you give us a description and requirements of the type of property you’re looking for we start seeking on the market for all the properties can match your requirements and will prepare you the viewings with the estate agents.

Our aim is to find the most suitable home for you and to get the best deal possible on the rental or purchase price.

You will be guided through the whole buying/renting process through our Property Lawyers. We will help you to negotiate on price and terms and guide you through the reservation and all the formal procedures when buying or renting your property and if you need to renovate the apartment our Architects/Interior Designers will give you all the information needed to start the renovation project.

If you have specific questions about moving to Barcelona or need more information about our Property Finder and Home Renovation services, please contact us and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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